07 March 2007

quarterly review

awww, kind of reminds me of home.

so, you may be wondering about my resolutions so boldly presented earlier this year. remember, they were fail-safe...or were they? how about a list?
  • yoga: ok, i didn't start in february due to financial reasons. but i did start in march, and i'm in the second week. that means lots of pain and frustration at backsliding, but general feeling of well-being and renewed sense of amazement at the awesomeness of yoga. and renewed crush on borja, my instructor.
  • 30th birthday: plans are moving along at lightening speed. mr. michael coming from brooklyn for roadtrip through northern portugual and northeastern spain. birthday bash planned for the following weekend. feeling wonderful about this birthday, check.
  • guitar: check. playing on terrace, check. but i'm still a little shy to play in front of other people. i'll work on this one.
  • edit the novel: not ready to hang the "mission accomplished" banner on this one quite yet. i did read it at the beginning of february, but i'm having a hard time uncapping the red pen for editing. it's not that i don't want to edit it, at least to a presentable-to-friends version, but process of editing a 120-page document seems imposing --not that writing one wasn't -- and arduous. i liked the productiveness of writing and what i expect to be the slow nitpicky-ness of editing just doesn't appeal to me in my free time. especially when there is a guitar to be played. any advice?
so overall, not so bad. 3 out of 4. and i still have 10.5 months. goals are fun!

and the cleanse, you ask? well, those results have been less visible. i'm on day 34 and faithfully sticking to the routine. in the cleanse's defense, i didn't have any of the symptoms or problems that it claims to heal, so i'm not sure what results i could have expected to see. my hair and skin are, well, fine. not sure i've lost weight. the inside of my colon feels...squeaky clean? i'll trust that it is.

so that's the update, folks. in the pipeline: a few visits from the us. a few trips planned. if you can believe it, the summer is already filling up. i have a new project in mind that i'd like to start, more about that soon, i hope.

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Gabriel Levy said...

you could hire a cheap editor, if you have the cash