16 November 2008

they can't see... me

wow. this might be the most captivating thing i have ever seen. i can't stop rewinding this over and over. watch:


ok, in high school this song defined me, and us. but in no way did everybody get together and sing it. we did this in groups of two, in the car, at the spot, alone. we were rebellious, special, insular.

but witness these kids, feelin it, reclaiming this song. absolutely this is one of the most inspiring things i have ever seen.

"hey kid, got a rhyme for you.
they say your brain is a comic book tattoo
and you'll never be anything.
what will you do with your life?
oh that's all you'll hear from noon to night"

poignant, then and now. yet never so joyful as interpreted by these kids. feeling it. absolutely. inspiring.

12 November 2008


in september i went to the siegfried and roy animal park in las vegas to see the baby white tigers. here is some of my best nature photography:

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05 November 2008


yes yes yes yes yes


for an athiest, i have thanked god a surprising number of times tonight. it is 6am and we have a new president. thank god, even though i have no idea what that means.

and how amazing: surrounded by friends, americans and spanish, willing it to be possible, holding each other while jumping and shouting. i'm not saying that i have total faith in the change that may come, but i do have faith in this moment...in what we did together, in what we proved, in what we are tonight.

the world changed today, because of me and you. thank god. thank you america. i was always optimistic, thank you for proving me right...

and good luck obama. my heart is with you. you have a tough job but you are the right man for it. i can't wait for you to be our president!