18 April 2008

go celtics!

as you may have heard, i am a fan of the nfl. i like the low commitment required of a football fan: one day per week is just perfect for me. and i have a certain penchant for my hometown team, a ragtag group of guys called the new england patriots. i have been known to go on about how this team is not from boston, they represent a region comprised of six states. if you don't like boston or boston fans, fine. but what do you have against maine? or vermont?

this is all to say that i'm not exactly a die-hard fan of boston sports. to tell you the truth, sox fans annoy. and as much as i don't care about baseball, i consider myself more of a fan of oakland and even kansas city than boston. hockey-wise i'm a fan of new jersey, of all places. what can i say, cool uniforms.

but when it comes to basketball, i'm a celtics fan through and through. when i was a kid and the celtics were winning titles, my dad and i would watch those games on the edges of our seats, ordering them to give the ball to bird already. similarly i hate the lakers. i don't care who their coach is or which spaniard is now on their team; i just hate them, they are the enemy.

although i don't follow basketball, i've always said that if the celtics are doing well in the playoffs i'll be watching. and this year we have the treat of the celts and the lakers in the number one positions in the east and the west. i'm ready for an 80s rehash, who's with me?

15 April 2008

P - portugal is so much fun!

during the easter holiday i went to portugal with some friends. we rented a rural cottage on a 170-acre village in the alentejo region. the property was breathtaking: unspoiled views of vineyards, sculptured gardens and rolling countryside, walking paths, pools, lemon trees, and a professional-sized trampoline! check it out...

10 April 2008

prescription drugs

i asked the doctor for strong medicine to cure my ills before my trip this weekend, but damn. this is my first go-round with 3-day antibiotics and they are funner than four glasses of manichewitz. i'm literally almost tripping, hallucinating slightly, and in general bouncing off the walls.

i think there's crack in my dolls. DOLLS!

on the upside, i'm clearly on the mend.

09 April 2008

past prime

yesterday i turned 31. leading up to this birthday i was telling people that i was "entering my prime," exposing my true colors as a witty math nerd (get it? 31 is a prime number! chuckle, chuckle).

anyway, yesterday i felt less than prime. yesterday sucked. between the rain and a fever and having to cancel my fancy dinner party due to sickness, between emotion brought on by either the birthday or the fever i was a hot tranny mess. crying, illing, barely dragging my sorry ass around in the rain and crying some more. happy birthday to me!

but, things turned around, albeit slightly. i want to give two big shout-outs to those that helped turn the tide.

first, thanks to paul for stopping by with a hug and some lovely gifts. i think i needed the hug more than anything. sometimes i don't know how to ask for what i need, so thanks for figuring it out.

second, thanks to the spanish national health service for hooking me up. i was in and out of both the doctor and the pharmacy in a grand total of 3o minutes yesterday with 3 prescriptions all for the bargain price of under 7 euros. nothing but smiley helpful service, to boot. what's wrong with america?

and additional shout-outs to all my friends and family who sent cards, called, emailed, texted, IMed, facebook wall posted, e-carded and even to those who didn't. your love is felt so strongly over distances large and small. thank you so much.

well, i have no good excuse for my silence around here, but as soon as i get back from the alps this weekend darlings i will be sure to post more. coming soon: photos -- and videos! -- from my trip to portugal, preview above.