07 February 2007

novel read

so, i've read my novel. i started it yesterday afternoon and finished it a few moments ago. somehow this was such a hurdle for me, picking it up to read again was in a way more difficult than writing it. i guess i was scared that it would suck, or that i wouldn't know what to do with it. i liked basking in the accomplishment of just finishing it and was unsure of the next step.

so, next step taken, i was surprised to discover that i really like what i wrote. i like the story, i'm still engaged in the characters and parts made me smile and even laugh a little. the last 40 pages or so aren't as good, they need work. so i'm going to work on it.

unrelated: i like lists. here are a few more:
  • apparently i'm not alone. here are 8 reasons why internerds like lists. my favorite: they are skimmable (she notes, while skimming the article)
  • the morning news is doing a series of "best of" lists for every year since 1978
  • kevin smith's top ten films of 2006
  • another good spin on usual list....top ten discovered albums

1 comment:

Paul Gladis said...

Dude, the Best of 1979 list SUCKS! He totally forgot the recording of the choir of angels that sung when I was born (Remastered in 1997.)