23 May 2008

i'm stimulated

just noticed the check for $300 in my bank account. thanks bush! i'm economically stimulated. unfortunately that money is already more than spent on plane tickets. what with oil going in one direction and the u.s. dollar going in the other, it's pricier than ever to maintain this lifestyle of mine.

i'm heading to the beach in an hour, currently attempting to pack with a hangover. my thoughts are a little muddled, as is my suitcase. here is some random shit:

i feel guilty about my teeth. i brush them twice a day with a sonicare but i don't floss too often. thousands upon thousands have been spent by my parents and me on these teeth. they are white and straight. i hate feeling guilty about it, it's so pointless and the guilt doesn't make me floss anyway so why bother?

i have been running around for the past few months and i have photos and stories to prove it. i want to show and tell, i really do. maybe after this weekend and the next one i'll spend some quality time with this blog.

did anyone besides emily and i watch paradise hotel? i'm kind of blase about the final four. would this show not be ten times more awesome if they threw some gay people into the mix? (besides ryan, mikey, james and raheim, that is). the only true love on this show is between the boys...

speaking of final four, go celtics! i know the buzz is that they won't make it past detroit, but i've got faith. i'm going to start watching games soon.

and speaking of season finales, i was slightly eh about gossip girl, although my boy chuck never disappoints me, ever ever. he is so my favorite it's not even funny. he wears that scarf during sex? could anything be more perfect?

01 May 2008


sky and i often talk about fighting off our tendencies to treat life like a series of to-do lists, checking things off as you do them. while i manage to consciously shake this off, i am sometimes derailed by a weekend full of social obligations, a pile of new yorkers or a full inbox. overwhelmed, i resort to efficiency mode.

during the year i spent traveling, checking my email was a powerful and intense moment of the day. a full inbox was a stressful delight: while i was happy to read every one of them, their number -- whether big or small -- their content, their injection of momentary homesickness, never failed to feel like a hugely important task to get through. click, read, respond, check!

nowadays that function is filled by google reader. as a daily practice i have it under control. but give me a couple of days with visitors, a weekend out of town, an especially busy week, and suddenly i have 148 items to read, 8 of which are new york times op-ed pieces, 25 of which are design posts, 10 of which are personal blogs and a bunch of other random stuff. stress. i stayed in tonight and i'm down to seven, but they are long ones. to-do list for tomorrow, check.