05 February 2007

sore loser

one thing i really miss about living in the us is superbowl sunday. the excitement, the office pools, the commercials. here the superbowl starts after midnight and can be watched only in irish pubs full of studying abroad american college students. but the absolute worst part is what happens when the football isn't being played. instead of commercials starring keven federline or even intelligent commentary, skysports, the broadcasting company that shows american football in europe, cuts to their all-white studio that resembles a high-school av room. there sit three british guys who attempt to discuss the game.

i don't know what's worse, the fact that it's these same three guys over and over - no replays, no shots of the field, no stats, no graphics - or the fact that they're british. somehow, hearing brits talk about american football seems sacreligious. sometimes they even go so far as to identify these blokes, and two of the three are actually soccer commentators. they couldn't rustle up three americans to discuss the nfl? i'm sure you could mine any 3 american drunks out of the irish pub and come up with a better commentary.

but the real reason i didn't watch the superbowl last night is that my heart just wasn't in it after the conference championship games. my team, the patriots, lost in the 4th quarter to their rival and eventual superbowl champs the colts. the second team i was rooting for, the new orleans saints, lost to the chicago bears, who i still hate from beating the pats in the superbowl in 1985. so the nfl season ended for me two weeks ago, and as much as i love the superbowl i just couldn't drag myself to the irish pub at midnight to see some brits discussing two teams i hate.


Paul Gladis said...

Plus, you're still sore that Bom Trady choked... big time.
No worries, you've got a shoulder to cry on toots.

SG said...

You know what would make this all better? The Super Bowl Shuffle! I can't believe it's not on YouTube.