31 January 2007

thoughts on 24

a few thoughts on season 6:
  • why is chloe so second-rate this season? why is she interrupting meetings with buchanan, milo, british guy and everybody else to bring news of a phone call? she should be in the meeting, running com and opening sockets and making sour faces. it's almost like she has been demoted, when she should obviously be the boss of everybody there.
  • is it just me, or does the silver fox (buchanan) bear a certain resemblance to tim gunn from project runway? they obviously see the same hair stylist, but i'm sensing something deeper. admit it, you can picture buchanan saying "sturm and drang."
  • my money is on milo and natalia being positioned as the new tony and michelle. meanwhile, chloe is completely insane in her choice of men! whingey british minger over foot fetish cutie? dude, "reposition" the "satellite." (narf)
  • i know we're all wondering...where's jack's chinese prison hottie girlfriend? he ususally starts each season with a new babe, from whatever adventures he's been occupying himself with during hiatus, be it mexican druglording, living in a trailer park, or working with the secretary of defense. i'm thinking...zhang ziyi cameo?
anything to add?

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Paul Gladis said...

I think Jack is going to come down with a weird disease and Dr. House will come in and figure it out by season's end.
Or Jack'll uncover the TRUE mastermind behind not only the attacks but his original abduction to China - Wu.