16 January 2007


and just like that, i'm back in madrid. time flew quickly in the u.s., as it tends to do. i came, i saw, i worked, i left exhausted and itchy (metaphorically speaking). as much as this back-and-forth suits my personality, every time i arrive back in spain i go through this cycle of introspection: what am i doing here, will i know when it is time for a change, am i just spinning my wheels, etc.

you may recall, i've vented this before. this is always brought on by people asking me if i'm excited to come back. and i never really am, but i don't notice until i'm asked. it's not that i'm not excited, it's just that the realization that i'm not particularly excited throws me for a loop.

so, i have a pattern. that's ok, right? better than to be stuck in a rut? or am i in a rut, just one that involves alot of intercontinental flights?

meanwhile i've deemed 2007 the year of the cleanse. more on that later.

i will now resume posting as promised, more or less daily.

today's question: my 30th birthday is on easter this year. should i, as a friend suggested, create a burning christ effigy on my terrace to celebrate? just wondering....


zoe said...

On the burning Christ effigy topic...Ordinarily I would be in strong support. However, my 30th birthday follows a few months later and I can't imagine how I would possibly top that. Perhaps build a life sized budah out of cheese wiz? You see? Nothing quite compares to burning christ on a stick.

IHS-KCC said...

I thought you were going to be in NYC for the big event.... :)