27 September 2006


my summer has followed a weird trajectory...intense work/friend environment in new york: compressed. then bursts of travel around the US, friends, family: refracted. back to spain with visitors: hectic. two weeks waiting for work: a slow dragging finale.

summer ended quickly, as it always does. it pulled the rug out from under me...everybody asked "are you ready to go back?" i dont know if i'm ever ready for anything, i just do it. after having so many plans, trying hard to experience each one and not just check them off, yet somehow breezing through the months of july and august without a feeling of accomplishment or productivity, i have now ground to an expectant halt with my head spinning.

i'm trying to be productive but am increasingly self-aware, making it impossible. next week work starts again and i think the structure will be good for me. a new trajectory.

today's question: am i moving in forward-moving cycles? or tail-chasing circles?

photo by stib


zoebenedict77 said...

Hooray! I'm your first commentator! Congratulations on circulating through the the blogger party room, I'm still in the corner getting drunk. I like your musings/questions but I'm of no help as I'm asking them to myself constantly, well not the blog announcement one so much. Look forward to listening to the music links!

zoebenedict77 said...

Ok, after some minor complications I am your first comentator hooray! That is if it works this time. Congratulations on finally circulating the blog party room. I'm still getting drunk in the corner, although it appears I've signed up for something dangerously close to a blog type substance in order to write this. I like your musings/questions; unfortunately I'm of no help as I ask them to myself constantly, well maybe not so much the one about announcing your blog. Thanks for the music links and personal reviews; can't wait to listen to Jurassic 5 and Yo la Tengo to see if I like 'em cuz I sure like concerts!

zoebenedict77 said...

PS I guess the first one did work. I'm a retard!