04 January 2007

i haven't forgotten

greetings from u.s. and a.

the posts around here have been spare -- a comment on my new york life perhaps? no time for reflection...mornings rudely interrupted by the alarm clock, days spent toiling hour by hour at a desk, evenings find me avoiding computer contact at all cost.

the upside is that every time i come back to new york i find myself appreciating the (my) spanish lifestyle with a newfound vigor. yet somehow it simultaneously feels extremely vital to be here, as if i am anxiously catching up on things that i've missed.

it suits me to live this balance, however. transitioning back and forth between madrid and new york, between my serious and non-serious jobs, between the two lifestyles, enforces the choices i've made and calms my internal jitterbug that, without so much movement, would flare up and require another actual move -- the type that requires forwarding addresses etc. so i hope you'll excuse me the lack of writing for the time being.

and i will return to my (semi)-regular posting schedule as of january 14.

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