03 October 2006

fast forward

good news and bad news. the good news is that i fasted for yom kippur. all day. i even skipped dinner the night before (by accident). the bad news is that i failed to be anything other than *busy* during the whole day. no quiet moments of reflection, no mourning, certainly no atonement.

in the end, it was more just a personal challenge followed by a big dinner. which is interesting in its own right, but really not what i was after.

in other news of my jewish awakening, we are having a sukkot party on our terrace this saturday. i'm looking forward to the project-y part, as well as the bbq. pictures to follow.

today's question: if you could be from one country other than your own, which would you choose?


Paul Gladis said...

I thought you were supposed to write in this this every day. No Gold Star for you, young lady... tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

remember, a few years ago, we went camping on sukkot. margi loyer ran the service around the campfire.

jacki's dad