06 October 2006

design, redesign

wow, the morning news has redesigned. lookin' good. i remember working at a dot-com and going through approximately two redesigns...during each one the old site looked like such a dinosaur it was almost nauseating. but somehow when another site redesigns it is jarring.

i'm still not used to the "new" new york times; what has it been, six months? videos? i dunno, i like them, but i go elsewhere for my video content. new york times: i want you to look like you did before, thanks.

even my new yorker this week (two weeks late, as usual) has tweaked a bit and i balked, slightly.

blogger's all: "new beta version!" damn, i've been here, what...two weeks?

am i an old fart...resistant to change? am i like those people who still cling to yahoo or - god forbid - aol when the rest of us enlightened folk have long ago switched to gmail? (you know who you are)

today's question: should i redesign? is it long overdue??


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ariel said...

who invited me to gmail? lemme think about that one for a sec...