14 October 2006

bumping in

lately i have been bumping into people on the street. this isn't too normal for me; i think i usually walk with my head down to avoid tripping, and don't see people's faces. but on wednesday i bumped into not one, but two bartenders who i know.

beyond the fact that two people in one afternoon is a huge bumping-into count for me, to bump into two bartenders is even more random. i'm not the type of girl to have personal relationships with bartenders...is it because i don't often drink alone in bars? or maybe because i spread out over a number of bars rather than becoming a regular at one.

of course, in the section of my heart labeled "my bartender" there is a shrine to joey from bridges. i don't know if anybody can fill his half-italian half-puerto rican shoes. maybe that's it.

in the meantime though, i should stay on my toes and keep my head up. there are better things to see than my feet as i amble along.

today's question: where's joey? does anybody know?

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