10 October 2006

put the patriot into ex-pat

hey all of you who are living outside the U.S.: this is coming a little bit late but is still important. if you haven't done so already, you can register to vote or request an absentee ballot for the elections november 7 at this website: VoteFromAbroad.org.

although this isn't a presidential election year, these midterms elections are crucial and could provide what would be a refreshing swing in the political tides. there are several important governatorial and congressional elections (looking in your direction, residents of connecticut, new york and massachusetts...you know who you are!) let's stop being ashamed of our country's voting record, shall we?

also of note, Democrats Abroad, an organization for those of us who want to be politically active and meet other sexy democrats in foreign settings. there is a cocktail hour in madrid october 26, who's coming?

and for the two, maybe three of the readers of this blog who aren't democrats (i won't name names), i apologize. the regularly scheduled non-political banter will continue tomorrow.

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