26 September 2006


i'm normally very punctual.

but with blogging i'm showing up seven years late. or rather, i showed up seven years ago to the party and this is the first time i've opened my mouth to say anything. i wonder if everybody else is so wrapped up in their conversations that nobobdy will notice

why start now? a few things. for one, i want to get into the habit of writing every day for an upcoming project. also, i am interested in certain questions that i want to pose to myself and to anybody else, for consideration. finally, i'm not a diarist and i'm hoping to better keep in touch with myself and others

so, here it is. 7 years late.

today's question: how does one announce a new blog to friends and family? mass email? word of mouth?

i'll have to consult some experts. for now, perhaps a subtle gmail signature.

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