28 September 2006

new music

some new music i have been listening to lately, and liking:
  • feedback (jurassic 5) - good to hear from these guys again. the last song in particular "Canto de Ossanha" is a lovely listen. they're coming to madrid in october. i will be there. who wants to come?
  • the garden (zero 7) - nice chillout music. these brits are consistent.
  • respect m.e. (missy elliot) - greatest hits from one of the greatest. she always gets the best cameos and that is showcased well here. i have most of these tracks already, but somehow it's nice to hear them in a row. she played in madrid monday night to poor reviews. apparently her set was an hour long, only half of which featured missy rapping. boo, girl. for 37euro, your fans expect more. glad i didn't go
  • i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass (yo la tengo) - they always come up with the best album titles. these songs are all over the place, these guys can do anything well. i missed their free show in prospect park in july, but i will be there when they play madrid in december. who wants to come?
  • waving, not drowning (citizens here and abroad) - a little bit darker than their last album, but i have only listened to it a few times. something tells me it will be growing on me.

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