22 November 2007

to-do list, another list

to do:
  1. write heartfelt tearjerker mom tribute post on her birthday yesterday
  2. tie that into record-breaking second heartfelt tearjerker post in one week re: thanksgiving, what i'm thankful for and how much the patriots rock
  3. get knitting!
  4. wait, finish the novel first
  5. spend the next four days rocking the casbah with mr. michael
  6. keep the zine up and running
  7. stay updated on the news! days go by without my glimpsing the nyt front pages. going back to the states for the holidays, must keep up with current affairs!
  8. 20,000 words and counting (eek!)
another list, this one unnumbered:
  • here's a nice "what i'm thankful for" blog post. what she said!
  • eli's helpful tips for taking good digital photos
  • if, like me, you're not going to be in the 'ham for thankgiving, here is a amazing series of still photos from the niner back when it was navegable. home sweet 'ham.
happy thanksgiving everyone!

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