16 November 2007


nina simone is just one of those artists where...sometimes you feel like you know the vast majority of her oeuvre -- at least all the good stuff, which is most of it. then one day you're writing your novel and a song comes on that blows your mind. how have you lived so long without this song? how has it escaped your notice for this long?

and i'm not talking about a particular song, although i did have a similar experience yesterday with "nobody's fault but mine" off of her legends cd2. but what i'm saying is that i think i could continue listening to nina for the rest of my life and while writing like my 60th novel i would hear some new-to-me song that would have the power to stop me mid-thought so i could listen intently to every note she sang and played, almost make me cry and practically change my life.

you know what i'm talking about. or you do if you are familiar with ms. simone.

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eliburak said...

Okay, I just checked her out. I've been missing out for years! But it's exciting to find someone new who is old who is as good as new. Oh, Nina!

There are a few Shirley Bassey songs that remind me of Nina (although no where quite as good). She's the singer for the James Bond films. There's a cool song by the Propellerheads that is good (History Repeating) and also check out I (Who have Nothing).

I don't know how to link music, but I got these off of limewire.