23 February 2007


twice this week emails from ex-boyfriends have dropped out of the ether into my unsuspecting inbox. eek. i'm not one of those people who stays in contact with exes; there is only one who i could honestly call a friend -- meaning when we are in the same city we have lunch. which happens once every couple of years.

so i'm wondering if it's a pattern. and basically, if there are any others of you out there, this is the week to send me a random email. just saying hi has been done, so has inviting me to your wedding. maybe you could send me a flickr album of your new baby? or solicit a donation for a charitable walk/run/bike ride you're doing? or some spam about how barack-ing the vote? i know you're out there, and you obviously know my email address...

in other news, my roommate just came back after being gone for 5 weeks. my apartment is suddenly no longer my private enclave. back to the toilet seat being up. and conversations. but he's leaving in a week, moving back to the states. so i found a new guy, named fan, who is spanish and will be living here for the next six months until sky returns.

here's a list, because it's friday and i like you:
  • bonobo's site has a fun collection of freaky muppet videos. hey, you don't feel like working anyway.
  • a pretty animation of flight patterns over the us. um, it's cooler than it sounds.
  • redesigns: whatevs and imdb. but you already knew that.
  • islamic artists: avant garde mathematicians?

1 comment:

Paul Gladis said...

Hi Jacki,
It's me, Paul... Paul Gladis... Remember me? Wow, it's been ages since we've last talked. We sure had a blast together, didn't we? Good times.... yup.... good times....
So, uh, What are you up to this weekend? Wanna got to an Obama '08 rally? I'm going with my boyfriend Steve if you want to come with. You turned me gay Jacki. All your fault...