25 February 2007

bonobo birthday

as i mentioned, keeping in touch with my exes is not my strong suit. keeping in touching with other people's exes, however, i can handle. case in point: bonobo, whose birthday is today.

and in the days where forgetting birthdays is impossible if you are connected to the internet, the thoughtfulness of a happy birthday email or (shudder) ecard is even more diminished from its already tenuous position. and real cards are reserved for grandparents. thus the birthday blog post.

jeff is funny and he's a thinker. he's got this very complete cynicism that i suspect has a small kernel of idealism wrapped up inside. and most importantly, he's lots of fun. so happy birthday.

and incidentally, jeff is not that drag racer guy pictured above, although he shares the same name, and if you ask me an uncanny resemblance. he must be a cousin, or an evil twin.

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