30 September 2006

movies avoided

here are some movies that i haven't seen and will never see:
  • Snakes on a Plane - even if it was starring Eric Bana, Wentworth Miller and Gael Garcia Bernal...and it was called Garden Snake on a Plane...it would still be on this list.
  • Anaconda - what's worse, hundreds of normal-sized CGI snakes or one huge CGI snake...and j.lo? discuss.
  • Titanic - from the hype to the assurances of everybody i knew that this movie was really good - especially the part where the boat sinks! - to the horrendous song that had dialogue from the movie in it to this very moment - i have never and will never see this movie. i promise.
  • Dancer in the Dark - but, you'll say, it's bjork! have you no heart? actually i do have a heart, i just don't need it ripped out and shredded, which is what apparently happens to you when you see this movie. if i wanted to be depressed for 3 days i would watch Before Sunset again.
  • Braveheart - another case of me being stubborn. and with mel gibson's recent antics, i'm now rewarded with a bonus sense of smugness. it was so worth it.
movies i'll definitely be seeing: the science of sleep, alatriste, the departed.borat


Paul Gladis said...

Sure you have a heart... and it's made of metal... cold, cold, heartless metal. BJORK RULES!!! HUZZAH!!

Kim said...

Good call on Titanic, I capitulated and I was sorry. Stand firm! On the subject of Braveheart, you should go on Youtube and find the clip of Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke in the booth at the Red Sox game. Trust me, it's hilarious. At any rate, so glad you have a blog. I shall be a faithful reader. :)

maggie said...

Gael Garcia Bernal in science of sleep ...yum. perfect casting.