04 February 2009

goals: method two

my friend suggested drawing a tree, and labeling each branch with an area of your life you would like to improve. these are not actions, but personal qualities that you would like to develop. then, when you do something in your life that reflects one of these areas, you draw a leaf on that branch. little by little, you notice which goals are easier, which are getting the most attention, and which need more work.

i love this approach because rather than focusing on actions, it reaches deeper to highlight the parts of yourself that prevent you from doing these things to begin with. i believe that if you look at the underlying situation, the actions will fall out naturally, and you will know yourself better in the process. i also like that it is visual, providing a tangible, colorful reminder of personal ambitions.

so, looking back on my stated goals of yesterday, i propose my tree to have the followings branches:

- creativity
- productivity
- care for others
- emotional honesty

i think that all of my goals could be accomplished by working on these four areas. so there's my tree. what are your branches?

1 comment:

Paul Gladis said...

Let's see...

1. Productivity - Music - Practice
2. Creativity - Music - Composition - Photography
3. Health - Food and such
4. Relationships - GF & Friends
5. Cultural - Expositions and such
6. Work - A leaf for every time I leave on time instead of staying late.
7. Write columns for NTD (should be #1 on the list.)