16 November 2008

they can't see... me

wow. this might be the most captivating thing i have ever seen. i can't stop rewinding this over and over. watch:


ok, in high school this song defined me, and us. but in no way did everybody get together and sing it. we did this in groups of two, in the car, at the spot, alone. we were rebellious, special, insular.

but witness these kids, feelin it, reclaiming this song. absolutely this is one of the most inspiring things i have ever seen.

"hey kid, got a rhyme for you.
they say your brain is a comic book tattoo
and you'll never be anything.
what will you do with your life?
oh that's all you'll hear from noon to night"

poignant, then and now. yet never so joyful as interpreted by these kids. feeling it. absolutely. inspiring.

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