01 October 2008

home sweet home

and, it's october. another summer passed in a hurricane of weddings, travel, toolin' for the man, trying to see everyone and do everything. it was incredible, unbelievable in that it could outdo even my own lofty expectations. i watched my two oldest, closest friends get married (not to each other). i was able to be there by their sides, to be a part of the most important days of their lives.

i spent weeks with family and had powerful bonding moments with many of them. i caught up with high school friends, college friends, people who i haven't seen in ten years, people who i've known since i was a kid. i saw two of the most amazing concerts i've ever seen. i co-starred in a low-budget horror film. i kayaked, hiked, camped on the beach, mountain biked in the desert, swam in the ocean, gambled in casinos, got drunk during many a afternoon.

i had so much fun it was exhausting. i loved my friends and family so much that it hurts to think about.

and now it's over, i'm back in madrid, picking up life #2, putting my feet back down on this foreign soil and shaking off and looking around. can you believe i did all that this summer without a cell phone? it's actually weird now, this buzzing and vibrating thing, this contact. i'm shrinking from it.

tonight i was invited out but declined; though my summer was as full as it could have been, it didn't leave much space for solitude, for quiet nights writing, playing the guitar, listening to nina simone alone in my room. so here i sit having the time of my life, just me and my laptop and my mp3s. sometimes you have to travel far from home to find it right where you left it.

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