28 October 2008

the etiquette of dream sharing

today i've been wondering: when you have a really bizarre freaked-out dream about a friend, is it polite to share the details with them?

for example, if you've dreamed that a close friend was leaving her husband to join a band of cultish nudists led by an annoyingly charismatic hippie who spent their time on an old beat-up yacht, being somewhat free-spirited and preachy, is this information that she needs to know?

or is that just a hopelessly discourteous, and also somewhat offensive, thing to tell your friend?

this is what i've been wondering today.

1 comment:

tami who? said...

tell tell tell! everyone likes to hear about pointless, bizarre dreams. and if that person doesn't, at least they'll have leverage to then share their pointless dreams with you in the future.