07 August 2008

toothlessness, homelessness

i had that nightmare again last night where my teeth are falling out. they crumble and fill up my mouth and i spit out heavy mouthfuls of crunchy goo. it's disturbing, to say the least. last night my reaction was: my mom is going to kill me if she sees that i've lost so many teeth.

the other constant theme in my anxiety dreams is housing: i'm with my college friends and am somehow unsettled with respect to my living situation. i arrive in a house to find that my room has been rented to someone else, or a door opens and i find room after room of people living comfortably and i am still displaced. i have this type of dream at least once a month.

i hesitate to ascribe too much meaning to these; it would be too easy to say that they signify uncertainty or transience or instability. just as easily they could signify regeneration or adventure. i do know that at this point i wake up feeling resigned -- oh, this again? -- and relieved. a full set of chompers and an apartment to call home.


Gabriel Levy said...

(3) Losing teeth may symbolize a feeling of - or fear of - getting older or impotent or losing sexual attractiveness. Or they may represent a retreat to infancy (when, toothless, you enjoy your mother's breasts and nourishment), and hence a refusal to face reality. Alternatively, they may symbolize the start of a new phase in your life (knocking a tooth out sometimes featured in male initiation rites in mythology).

(5) "Teeth" in the dream world are most often an archetypal image of the dreamer's sense of confidence and competence in the waking world...

from http://www.mythsdreamssymbols.com/dsteeth.html

Carlos PĂ©rez said...

I had sometimes the same dream with my teeth. I ´m with you.