09 April 2008

past prime

yesterday i turned 31. leading up to this birthday i was telling people that i was "entering my prime," exposing my true colors as a witty math nerd (get it? 31 is a prime number! chuckle, chuckle).

anyway, yesterday i felt less than prime. yesterday sucked. between the rain and a fever and having to cancel my fancy dinner party due to sickness, between emotion brought on by either the birthday or the fever i was a hot tranny mess. crying, illing, barely dragging my sorry ass around in the rain and crying some more. happy birthday to me!

but, things turned around, albeit slightly. i want to give two big shout-outs to those that helped turn the tide.

first, thanks to paul for stopping by with a hug and some lovely gifts. i think i needed the hug more than anything. sometimes i don't know how to ask for what i need, so thanks for figuring it out.

second, thanks to the spanish national health service for hooking me up. i was in and out of both the doctor and the pharmacy in a grand total of 3o minutes yesterday with 3 prescriptions all for the bargain price of under 7 euros. nothing but smiley helpful service, to boot. what's wrong with america?

and additional shout-outs to all my friends and family who sent cards, called, emailed, texted, IMed, facebook wall posted, e-carded and even to those who didn't. your love is felt so strongly over distances large and small. thank you so much.

well, i have no good excuse for my silence around here, but as soon as i get back from the alps this weekend darlings i will be sure to post more. coming soon: photos -- and videos! -- from my trip to portugal, preview above.

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Paul Gladis said...

I learned it all from Dionne Warwick...
Happy Bday hon!!!
Mucho Love-o,