01 February 2008


a few months ago -- near the beginning of the football season -- i was watching the rugby world cup and i posted to say that i felt the pain of the fans of the new zealand all blacks. they were heavily favored to win, then seemingly choked in the quarterfinals. i said:
the patriots are just a little too favored, they're a little too good this year. they are set up to fail, to rest on their laurels, to believe the hype. and while i love my team and think they deserve to win this year, i know everybody else will be even more satisfied to see them lose.
yet here we sit, mere hours before superbowl. the patriots haven't lost any games since that last post.

i weathered the last few weeks in new york, hearing the haterade coming from all directions regarding my dear patriots. yes people wanted them to lose in october, but that was before the pats went out and racked up an unprecedented 16-0 record for the season, now stretched to 18-0 in the playoffs. basically, they beat the teams of all the haters -- sorry y'all.

but now the haterade is stronger than before, the recipe has been improved. everybody is so ready for this perfect season to have the perfect ironic footnote: 18-1, the 1 being a little game called the superbowl.

do i sound nervous? i'm not. we're going to pretend the giants have a chance and they do, albeit a small one. but the fact remains: anyone betting against the pats, in the post-season, after a bye week, with a healthy team is drinking some spiked haterade.


Seth said...

even god hates the patriots

Mr. Michael said...

Darling -

I'm sorry about the Superbowl. It was an exciting game though you must admit, and all played their hardest. As much as you have instilled an appreciation for the mastery of Tom and the boys, I have to say that the reaction in my heart was more thrill than chill when Manning and Burress connected so artfully (it had been rehearsed - they showed a clip of the same play in this afternoon's practice - IN STREET CLOTHES!) there in that
less-than-half-a-minute-left zone. I once dismissed Eli as just a third-rate (insert literary reference here to lame, inadequate younger son constantly overshadowed by superstar older brother), but now I know better. I am excited for him, but maybe the real pride is in the victory he scored for overshadowed younger brothers everywhere.

Thank you my darling for making me give enough of a shit to watch 95% of the game (though alone - wanted to finish the Sunday crossword) during a season with such an amazing conclusion. There is so much post-game analysis/trivia that compares this game to their last meeting, December 30 - full circle for me as that's where my NFL 2007-8 season began. We were at Tami's and listened to it together in two different vehicles with two equally shitty radios in the freezing cold, pre-blizzard. It was exciting even though I didn't know what any of the calls meant.

Today from brunch until now, I have missed you most. Thanks for the memories -

(Antonio Pierce, post-game press conference: "We shocked the world but not ourselves")


xoMr. Michael