03 January 2008


my mom pointed out that every time i do my little stints in new york city, i end up sick in bed. she's right. i need to figure out how to do this differently, how to not get so run-down. on the one hand i have so many people to see while i'm here and i would like to see each of them at least twice. on the other hand, going out every night and working for the man all day isn't healthy.

so i think i have a solution. this time around, i'm not getting a cell phone. shocking, revolutionary! no cell phone? but how will i survive?

we're taking a step back, to a bygone era, to a simpler time. back when plans were made in advance and people showed up on time. this will make socializing more difficult. friends will not be able to flake out at the last minute. i will be unreachable after working hours.

to tell you the truth, i'm liking this so much i'm considering getting rid of my cell in madrid. (i jest, but maybe not?)

so i can be reached on email during business hours and sporadically after work. i have a direct land line in my office. for emergencies, call michael.

it is a daring social experiment, let's see how it turns out.

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