11 January 2008

how to make your job more fun

working in an office can be a real drag, especially on friday afternoons! here are some things you can try that might be more fun than working! good luck!
  1. remove your eyeballs with the staple remover
  2. shove staples under your fingernails
  3. hole punch the soft spot between your thumb and forefinger
  4. stuff clorox disinfecting wipes down your throat
  5. empty the 3-hole punch into your lunch. pick the white dots out one by one with chopsticks
  6. pour the copy machine toner into your ear canal. shake your head back and forth.
  7. put the recycling bin over your head and walk into the wall repeatedly
  8. chew on a mouth full of paperclips
  9. sharpen a pencil. poke yourself in the brain.
  10. slam your hand in the file cabinet door
just a few ideas!

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