22 January 2008

goal oriented

my dad and his friends have a great tradition where they get together and set goals together at the beginning of each year. the idea of making your resolutions public not only makes them more concrete but makes the entire process more collaborative; you have a built-in cheering squad so there is more impetus to achieve them.

last year i did my own version by sharing my goals with all of you, my dear readers. so let's revisit. last's years goals were:
  • start yoga again in february, continue for the rest of the year except for months when i'm not entirely in madrid
  • celebrate my 30th birthday in style. feel wonderful about being 30.
  • pick up guitar again. sit on my terrace playing guitar in summer.
  • read the novel i wrote in november. edit it, if it seems worthy.
wow. check, check, check and CHECK! damn, that was easy. maybe i should make them a little harder this year. ok, here goes.
  • continue with: yoga, guitar, feeling wonderful about birthdays
  • get nothing to declare to a solid 5 posts per week. bring readership up over 150 individual hits per day
  • get going on writing that monthly column
  • finish writing my novel in february. edit the two parts together and decide what to do with it
  • stay at present weight
ok, there's five, one more than last year. two involve writing and two involve the zine, but none of this should be a problem. ready, cheering squad??


Barry said...

continue with: yoga, guitar, feeling wonderful about birthdays

strictly speaking this goal violates two of the rules...your goal can't be something that you did last year, and the goal needs to be quantifiable.

however, if you said..."I will play guitar 3 hours each week...."

jacki's dad

Ariel said...

"tick, tick, tick, tick.....BOOM dynamite... BOOM, BOOM dynamite..."
(as quoted by the oceanside sailors cheerleading squad)

Mr. Michael said...

as usual, you inspire me once again. I love the idea of the collaborative, public goals. I think I shall go out there and set my own....thanks, J