23 May 2007

the dreamlife of me

lately i have been having vivid and strange dreams in the mornings; i wake up disoriented and puzzled, having spent the last few minutes in my head under the strangest circumstances with friends and other people who i would never have expected to have conjured.

this morning i was riding around new york city on a magic carpet type contraption, flying through the streets and avenues, trying to make my way to the beach where i was sure there was a party. eventually an ex-boyfriend joined me, and we ended up underwater going through a plastic tube in the river.

i hesitate to read into dreams like this, partly because i have no idea but also because it would seem to be too easy to make it mean something convenient, what i might want it to mean. however, there are some recurring themes or events in my dreams and i often wonder why.

when i was traveling in 2000-2001 i had many dreams about my teeth falling out. the teeth would crumble into small pieces and i would end up spitting them out. i sometimes still dream about this, and i know it is a classic dream with probably a classic interpretation. i remember tony soprano once had a similar dream.

a form of nightmare, or unsettling dream, that i have had many times involves the friends i lived with in college. usually i come back from being away and they are all living in a large and strange house, sometimes labyrinthine, sometimes resembling a house where we actually lived, sometimes like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. i walk around, wondering where my room is, lost and confused. everybody else acts like everything is normal. i've had versions of this dream dozens of times.

the worst nightmares i've ever had used to occur when i was a child, usually when i was sick. i would dream of large imposing masses in space, closing in on me, dwarfing me. sometimes there would be large spheres spinning slightly off their axes and this would scare me more than anything.

any amateur psychologists out there?


Ariel said...

i have been known to suffer a toothy dream now and a again, and according to dream analysis books(which should probably be taken with a grain of salt, i know...), they are classic anxiety dreams. I mean c´mon, me, anxious?

joie said...

I've totally had the teeth falling out dream! I think that's a common one, and I believe it has to do with fear but I might be wrong. It is scary though. I literally have to feel my mouth when I wake up.

I can't tell you how many times I've had a dream where I'm supposed to graduate from high school in like a week and suddenly realize that I cut all my Spanish classes and have to make up a year's worth of work. Or I'm not going to graduate because I never went to math. It's ridiculous cause I graduated high school over 10 years ago.

I also sometimes have nightmares that I'm fighting with kids that I went to camp with when I was 14. There's this one kid that I haven't seen in like 15 years who is often my opponent. How weird is that?

zoe benedict said...

I think that's why you read into dreams...to see what it brings up for you. A dream is not independant of you, it only means what you put into it, so go ahead and analyze to your hearts content!