01 April 2007

vacation message

my bags aren't packed but i'm on my way. tomorrow i leave for a week's vacation to portugal, galicia and asturias. i'll have my computer but i doubt i'll get around to blogging.

but before i go,

an early shout-out to my friend paul, whose birthday is tuesday. paul is my bff, except when he isn't. he's the best customer of my terrace hair salon. and although he calls me kiddo, he's still younger than me. happy birthday, beavis.

also, my friend joie has a new website along with her group of writer friends. check it out: crutial minuiae. joie is a writer and a thinker and i'll be checking out her kidz today column every wednesday.

see you when i'm 30.


Paul said...

Thanks Kiddo... You rule

joie said...

Jacki, love, thanks for the shout out! Portugal looks awesome, gotta love those down-and-dirty gritty European cities. Can't wait to see more pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I promise to write something more substantive soon. Doh! "Happy birthday" is so lame on the blogosphere. Maybe I'll bitch slap you Wakelin-style one of these days.