20 February 2007

lessons from scotland

i'm back from my weekend in scotland. here are some things i learned, and didn't learn, presented for you in my favorite format - a list.

  • scottish history. this is comprised of many wars with england, as the brits came marching up every hundred years or so to storm the castle and lay siege and perform other forms of bloody warfare. when the british weren't around, the scots would massacre each other, clan vs. clan. i'm surprised there are any of them left.
  • scottish geography. what a small country. you can drive across it in a few hours.
  • scottish weather. not as cold or as dark as expected. and according to one guy, you used to be able to ski in the north, before the americans ruined the environment. sorry, mates!
  • how to use my camera. my friend marisa has the same one and she actually read the manual. my new knowledge ranges from simple things such as how to shut off the flash to snazzy tricks such as how to use the underwater functions to take cool pictures inside clubs at night.
  • how people are impressed by "new york." throw that word around, and people will let you do just about anything, convinced that you are somehow famous and so will they be by proximity. embarassing, but true.
didn't learn:
  • how scotch whiskey is made. all the distilleries were closed. this did not prevent me from drinking lots of whiskey. some missions know no defeat!
  • how to understand or be understood by the scottish. at least it was mutual.
  • what haggis tastes like. or kippers. or tatties. i usually make a point of eating the local dish but this time i avoided
more to come soon, including my photo documentary.

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