20 November 2006

team karen

a debate rages about nbc's the office: are you team karen or team pam?

last week's episode ended with karen's declaration "i'm kinda into him." with the stamford crew moving to scranton, jim's gonna have his hands full.

personally, i'm on team karen. ever since jim went to stamford, pam's personality has been nonexistent, while he continues to be funny and charming. he can do better, and karen is smarter, cuter and as of right now seems to have less baggage. she won me over in the first episode of this season with that spot-on impression of jim. every time he shrugs at the camera now, i can't help but laugh.

so which team are you on?


bonobo said...

Karen is the only choice. she's hot like only a GI baby can be, and Pam is stupid. the UK version of Pam was cute in her own non-conventional way, but this one is the worst possible: conventionally lame.

sjv said...

totally team Karen. Pam missed the boat big time.

don't you think Jim looks like Spankoff?