26 November 2006

rare and desirable

we college-educated 25 to 34 year olds have been labeled "rare and desirable" by an article in today's new york times. we are coveted by cities across america who are trying - not overtrying, mind you - to be cool enough for us. places like atlanta, ga, charlotte, nc and portland, or are busy stealing us "young and restless" hipsters from the old standbys of new york, dc and la.

wow, i feel like the belle of the ball. suck it, baby boomers.

so what does it take? apparently, we are a skeptical bunch but we do appreciate frisbee golf courses and bike paths. we can also be appealed to by the likes of dreadlocks and mosh pits (!) on marketing catalogs; don't even try to woo us with a sunset, we're waaaaay too hip for that. we went to college, remember? we'd better be able to perceive a diverse and open culture, or else we'll pack it up and move to austin.

but, a word to the wise: a place can only stay cool for too long. there is a very fragile balance when it comes to hipsters, exceed critical mass and suddenly you become a mockery of yourself. (looking in your direction, williamsburg)

today's question: so what's the hippest city in america? where would you live if you moved?


Mark said...

i happen to live in one of the 'hip' towns (portland, Ore.)and let me tell you it's pretty nice. it seems that these towns are really about the quality of life element. while i loved new york, its charms were not so much about high quality food and comfort and beautiful nature and hiking. The bad thing about hipster towns is when the snotty hip judgemental vibe hits toxic levels. then no place is safe. fortunately portland has yet to reach that point.

laurie said...

Damn straight we are rare and desirable! I just read the same article last night, and go figure, I am on the opposite side of the world, teaching English and celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan!! I think SF and NYC are hip but yeah, everyone's trying so hard to be different that they're all the same.