07 November 2006

please vote

it is vitally important that you vote today. as much as i would like everybody to vote democrat, the truth is that i'd rather you vote republican than not vote at all. the citizens of the united states have a powerful -- yes, probably too powerful -- responsibility. the actions of our government shape the world, and i assure you from here, across the ocean, that the world will be watching what we do today.

even if the much-anticipated power shift does not occur, i believe that a strong voter turnout sends the message that we are active members of our democracy, that we are interested and care about the future of our world, rather than apathetic couch potatoes who can't be bothered to take ten minutes out of our year to be citizens. even if you are from a district deemed "no race" by the red/blue maps, your presence at the voting booth is essential, your vote means something.

i would love nothing more than to wake up tomorrow and see that a large majority of people showed up at the polls. it would help me believe that we are a country of intelligent, involved americans.

well, that's not true, exactly. i guess i would like nothing more than to see the democrats take the house and senate and end the autocratic one-party rule we have suffered under for the last 6 years, but i digress. go vote, please. make me happy.

today's question: in spain you get a day off from work to vote. that's sexy. do you think more people would vote in the us if they gave us a holiday?

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