02 November 2006

november is here

the novel writing started yesterday. off to a good start, i have over 3,000 words and am enjoying the exercise. although, let's face it, it's only the first day. this is the part where the blog posting drops off. i'll try not to abandon you completely.

today, some of what i've been reading around the web
  • nintendo bucks recent trends in video games and introduces a console aimed at people who are intimidated by complex contollers and complex plots. the wii will feature a simple controller, realistic game scenarios and a lower price tag than competitor sony's ps3.
  • these couples are bored
  • are you a real new yorker? take TONY's quiz
  • the npr live concert series. streaming indie gold.
  • jewish holidays for hipsters. best: pabstover

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Zoe said...

So tonight I decided not to join the proverbial party and instead have spent the evening catching up on all your blog entries; some stories I remember, some I was a part of and some knocked my socks off (a dead bird, really?)I feel caught up, informed and intimated ( that's not a word is it?)
Apart is the new together.