13 November 2006

jack bauer must die

check out the trailer for season six of 24

did you notice:

one of the kids from lords of dogtown
palmer's brother as president? or working for the president?
jack screaming "put down your weapon!" in classic jack style
curtis lookin mighty fine
one of the lawyers from ally mcbeal?
silver fox buchanan, lookin extra steely
karen hayes at the white house?
field agent chloe?

in other 24-related news, get your CTU ringtone here. then go here to upload it to your phone for free.

today's question: should chloe and jack finally get it on, or what?

1 comment:

Barry said...

one of the kids from lords of dogtown

a better movie to watch is dogtown and the z-boys (directed by the same guy) but has archival movies of the actual kids, plus interviews with them as grownups

Jacki's dad