26 October 2006

rain in spain

the rain is insistent, it is constant. it has been raining for weeks. it drizzles, it pours. at first i kind of liked it; autumn was here. time to cozy up, dig out the sweaters. i silently congratulated myself for my practical rain gear: waterproof jacket and waterproof sneakers. i made soup. i made more soup. but now it's getting tiresome. the weather shows rain for the rest of the week. i'm losing patience.

i think the spanish news outlets are thrilled. tonight's top stories: it's raining! in some parts of spain it's raining, while in other parts it's really raining. rivers are high, trees are falling. yes, indeed, it's raining in spain. the same news spots previously reserved for reports on the drought are now filled with breathless stories of rain.

somebody mentioned to me that it's all relative. as in, a british person or perhaps a person from seattle would step off the plane in madrid and say "what rain?" but here we're so used to the drought that this weather is cause for hysteria.

meanwhile, i'm taking the optimistic approach. somewhere out at the end of the forecast i see a little icon of a sun, and a tempting 27degrees. could it be? whatever, i'm planning a bbq. you're invited.

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